• Ansal

    After applying this hack, my printer still shows the same lights…Moreover now when i give the print command, no printing comes out, but there is a prompt…… PRINTING COMPLETED


  • Julius

    Hey Brian, great hack. Since my CLP300N is way out of warranty I decided to give it a try because my Yellow toner is empty. Found the Atmel 24C64 chip and interestingly the chip in my main board is oriented 180° off, so to my thinking SDA is the lower right instead of upper left as you have shown on your CLP315. I then wired a normally open microswitch with one wire to pin 5 and another to ground. Verified that it does ground the pin when the switch is pressed. Next I taped off all four of the toner chips, re-install them, and then power it on with the switch depressed. Result: no go/failure. It still think that my Yellow toner is empty. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks

    • Brian

      I can’t speak beyond my own experience, unfortunately. Your printer seems to behave differently than the model I have in front of me.

      Before I stumbled across the hack I discovered, I was poking around in the EEPROM with an Arduino and a logic analyzer. This approach was showing promise, but is really involved. I would start by dumping the EEPROM to a file (see Arduino sketch provided in the article), printing a page and then dumping it again. From there I would compare the two files and look for differences (specifically memory locations that increment by one). Then I would write zeros into the locations that were incrementing and see what happens. It is a time consuming process, but if there is an EEPROM on the main board, it is likely where the page counts are stored and is likely susceptible to this type of hack.

      Good luck!

  • Rax

    Hi there! I have a problem with clp315…..I bought this printer as a broken one and I’ll tried to fix it but I couldn’t. It seems it has some kind of chip attached to the main PBA (attached by the last owner, I guess, in order to reset it) and when I have opened it, I get that chip off. Now, when I start the printer, I get a messeage on the smart panel that says: Invalid toner cartridge (all the 4 cartrdiges) and the printer has all the red lights o f the cartridges lit, and the main one also light red.
    Question: Do I have to change the main PBA board?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Bongani Chris Ndubane (south Africa)

    My printer is cup 300 , here is what I did switch the printer off, took out the empty cadriges short the exposed tabs blanked the tabs put them back switch on , worked perfect even shows how much toner have left.